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The mission of the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame (PWHF) is to maintain organized volunteerism that preserves and promotes the dignified history of professional wrestling. Our purpose is to enshrine and pay tribute to professional wrestlers who have advanced this national pastime in terms of athletics and entertainment. We will remain steadfast in our efforts and energies to secure and enhance the structure of our Museum, and generate community and commerce building events for betterment of the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame and the area that is its home. In doing so we will acquire and maintain records, memorabilia, and artifacts related to professional wrestling. These enterprises will advance the legacy of the sport of professional wrestling, and give due credit and commemoration to those who have contributed to its greatness. 

PWHF Board of Directors

Johnny Mantell - PRESIDENT

Grey Pierson

Fred Urban III

PWHF Screening Committee - 2017 Induction Class

George Shire, Chairman (Minnesota)

Joe Sousa (California)
James Beard (Texas)

PWHF Distinguished Selection Committee- 2017 Induction Class

Baron Von Raschke (Minnesota)

Barry Rose (Pennsylvania)

Bill Eadie (Georgia)

Bill Watts (Florida)

Bret Hart (Canada)

Bruno Sammartino (Pennsylvania)

Chuck Thornton (Georgia)

Dave Cameron (Auckland, New Zealand)

Dick Beyer (New York)

Don Leo Jonathan (British Columbia, Canada)

Don Luce (New York)

Don Muraco (Hawaii)

Gene Okerlund (Florida)

Greg Oliver (Canada)

Greg Valentine (Floriday)

Hector Guerrero (Florida)

Ivan Koloff (North Carolina)

J Michael Kenyon (Oregon)

Jim Cornette (Kentucky)

JJ Dillon (Delaware)

Jody Hamilton (Georgia)

John Pantozzi (New York)

Johnny Walker (Hawaii)

Joyce Grable (Georgia)

Karl Lauer (Missouri)

Ken Jugan (Pennsylvania)

Koji Miyamoto (Japan)

Leilani Kai (Florida)

Len Rossi (Tennessee)

Les Thatcher (Ohio)

Mark Lewin (Washington)

Michael Hayes (Georgia)

Mike Chapman (Iowa)

Paul “Butcher” Vachon (Vermont)

Paul Ellering (Minnesota)

Paul Orndorff (Georgia)

Pete Roberts (Kent, England)

Rick Martel  (Quebec, Canada)

Ross Hart (Alberta, Canada)

Stan Hansen (Colorado)

Steve Johnson (Virginia)

Steve Yohe (California)

Ted Dibiase (Mississippi)

Terry Funk (Texas)

Tiger Conway Jr. (Texas)

Tito Santana (New Jersey)

Wendi Richter (Florida)

William J Myers (Florida)

Current Screening / Selection Committee Regulations / Voting Regulations of the PWHF

1.  A Screening Committee consisting of three members, with a chair person selected by the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame Board of Directors, will serve a two-year term. These three members will be well versed in the field of Professional Wrestling. The Screening Committee will set the induction ballot. The ballot will be finalized during a 3 day retreat in late August / early September for the PWHF Board of Directors to approve. 

2.  All currently living PWHF Inductees  are entitled to vote on the official induction ballot along with 20 voters knowledgeable in the field of Professional Wrestling that has been selected by the Screening Committee to be part of the Selection Committee to vote on the official induction  ballot. No individual directly involved in the screening process in any given year will also be considered for purposes of being a voter in that same year. The Screening Committee is encouraged to select approximately half of the voters each year from individuals whose most significant involvement with professional wrestling has been as an "in ring" performer. The Screening Committee will make a concerted effort to balance the various geographical venues of expertise in the selection of the remaining qualified voters for any given year. Selected voters will not be notified prior to the receipt of their ballot. The names of other voters will not be provided to each individual voter during the time period of the voting process. All voters will be requested to make their decisions independent of discussion with other potential voters and not disclose their voting choices prior to the announcement of the new inductees. Each voter will be asked to apply the following criteria in making their ballot selections:

Eligibility For Induction into the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame: 
Age and Experience Requirements: 
To be eligible for induction into the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame (PWHF), certain criteria must be met as follows:

1. Any candidate must be deceased, or if living, must be at least 50 years of age.

2. Any candidate must have at least 20 years in the professional wrestling business unless their career has been shortened by injury, illness, or death.

Additional Criteria to be Considered where applicable: 
For eligibility into the PWHF, the following additional criteria regarding each candidate will be considered:

3. Ability, Achievement, and overall credentials in the field of professional wrestling.

4. Performance skills.

5. Participation in the sport at large.

6. Contribution to society outside of the wrestling profession.

7. Moral character and personal integrity.

Any one or more of these seven criteria may be compromised for any candidate at the determination of the PWHF Board of Directors.

Ballot Formation and Voting Process for Induction Purposes: 
The voters are requested to vote for those individual(s) who best exemplify the attributes for induction into the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame in light of that person's professional ability, performance skills, and overall lifetime contributions to the sport of wrestling. In addition, the candidate's contributions made to society outside of wrestling as well as the candidate's moral character and personal integrity may be considered in making your choice.

3. The Screening Committee shall decide upon which professional wrestlers will be placed on the official induction ballot. That recommended ballot will then be approved by the Board of Directors. The ballots shall be sent to the entire Board of Selectors no later than October 15th of each year and the ballots shall be returned by the Board of Selectors no later than November 15th of each year. Any ballots received after the final vote tabulation occurs shall not be counted.

4. One winner from each of the following categories shall be inducted each year: LADY WRESTLER, TAG TEAM, and COLLEAGUE. As many as two wrestlers, but at least one wrestler, shall be inducted each year in the category of INTERNATIONAL. Two wrestlers will be inducted annually from each of the following categories: PIONEER ERA and TELEVISION ERA and MODERN ERA.

5. For an individual to be eligible for the INTERNATIONAL category, that candidate must meet the test that "their career was best defined (through longevity and achievement) outside of the United States. In order for a TAG TEAM to be eligible for the induction, all members of the TAG TEAM must meet the eligibility standards subject to review by the Board of Directors

6. Any person having been inducted into the Hall in any Individual category will no longer be considered a candidate for induction into any of the remaining individual categories, but will remain eligible for induction into any Group categories such as the current Tag Team category. Likewise, any person inducted initially in only a Group category will remain eligible to be inducted into an Individual Category. Living Inductees that have been previously inducted in another category will not be eligible for another Hall of Fame Induction Ring.

7. A plurality of votes shall determine the inductees. In the case of a tie in the winning voting in any category, the inductee shall be determined by a majority vote of the Screening Committee.

8. Following final tabulation of votes, the results shall be presented to the Board of Directors for their use.

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