1.  The Texas Highways Magazine spent several hours through out the Museum for a few days about take photos and collection information for our distinction of being one of the Top 17 destinations in 2017! This magazine will hit new stands around the end of November, first of December. This will be a big boost for the PWHF and for Wichita Falls, TX.

2. The Texas Country Reporter with Bob and Kelli Phillips along with their camera crew and producers spent close to 8 hours at the PWHF last Wednesday shooting segments for upcoming show on Texoma. They were so impressed with the amount of memorabilia here and the story of how it was started by Mr Tony Vellano in upstate NY to how he and the Board increased it from a "crawl to a walk" and now it's a steady jog into the future here in Wichita Falls, TX.  Texas Country Reporter is a North Texas show that is syndicated on RFD-TV, with a tremendous following on YouTube page as well as several other social medial platforms. 

The PWHF Board of Directors want to send huge Thank Yous to both the Texas Highways Magazine and Bob & Kelli Phillips and the Texas Country Reporter crew for helping to continue to spread the world about what an amazing destination Wichita Falls and the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame is. 

Thursday, September 15th was TEXOMA GIVES DAY

PWHF President Johnny Mantell gives an update on the #texomagivesday, Day of Giving in North Texas! Thank you to ALL of our fans, patrons and friends who gave to the PWHF today!! 
Just over $1,000 was donated to the PWHF during the Day of Giving. 

Again the PWHF Board of Directors want to thank all of our investors and supporters during Texoma Gives Day last Thursday September 15th.

Here's information regarding the final results.....

CONGRATULATIONS! What just happened on 9/15/16 in Texoma? The focus was certainly on philanthropy and charitable giving on this day. You all did an amazing job of promoting your nonprofit organizations and highlighting services.

Here’s the stats from the 16 hour day on 9/15/16:

· Total donations and prizes = $744,063.27

· Total number of donations = 4,882

· All 146 participating nonprofits received donations

· 40% of the participating nonprofits received prizes

· 12 counties of the 24 counties targeted for Texoma Gives had participating nonprofits

The 2017 Ballot for the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame is in the approval stage! Each year the ballot is set by a 3 person Selection Committee; this year the committee was  comprised of historian George Schire, historian & promoter Joe Sousa and legendary Referee James Beard. 

All three men have a tremendous amount of respect in the business of professional wrestling from across the Globe.

The PWHF Board of Directors would like to Thank all three for coming to Wichita Falls this past weekend for the Selection Retreat.

The PWHF is the ONLY Hall of Fame for Professional Wrestling where the inductees are actually voted it by a unanimous vote by a committee of their peers. The Voting Committee is comprised of all living inductees plus 20 other historians and legends from around the World.

There has been quite a bit of talk surrounding the Selection and Voting Committee this year..... the Board of Directors would like to explain this process.

The Ballot is set by a committee of 3 - the Selection Committee - who sets the ballot based on the criteria set by the PWHF regulations. The ballot is then approved by the Board of Directors to be mailed to the Voting Committee. Ballots must be mailed by October 15th each year and the ballots received by November 15th are eligible to be counted. The Voting Committee consists of all living Inductees and a mix of 20 historians and other wrestling legends. This year the ballots will be returned to a local attorney's office to be counted. The announcement of the 2017 PWHF Hall inductees and / or their families have been notified of their Induction.

Change is not accepted easily but with growth comes some change. The board of directors is working  tirelessly to confirm that all regulations are followed. If you have any questions for the board, feel free to forward them to info@pwhf.org.

CHYNA - replica Intercontinental outfit 

CHYNA display is available now at the PWHF Museum. This is the replica outfit made by Chyna's costume designer was presented to the PWHF President at Chyna's Memorial Service. This is a replica of the outfit Chyna wore when she won the Intercontinental Championship from Jeff Jarrett. We are excited to be able to display such an amazing piece of wrestling history. The PWHF Board of Directors wants to Thank Chyna's estate for this amazing donation. 

Thank you to the Downtown Lions Club for allowing us to be a small part of this great first year event. Falls Town Food Truck Challenge wanted to end the evening with a "bang" with Wrestling ending the evening! The Champion will be announced during the show during the intermission between the Semi and Main Events. 

We welcome Hillbilly Jim to the PWHF during the afternoon for a Autograph signing. 

More enduringly than any other sport, wrestling teaches self-control and pride. Some have wrestled without great skill - none have wrestled without pride.

Dan Gable

Special Thanks to the late TSgt. Billie Green on his donation to the PWHF upon our opening....

Our thoughts and prayers go to the Green family upon to the passing of TSgt. Billie Green. Billie was a huge help in getting the Museum ready to open and our hearts hurt that he did not get to see what he helped to put together for the World to see. Billie loved wrestling and had collected items for years. Thank you to the Green Family for sharing Billie with us for the short time we knew him.
His Air Force belt is on display here at the PWHF Museum.